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Annual Hopkinton Run
Club No. 87
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20th Annual
Run from Hopkinton

February 23, 2014*


* Snow date for the Run from Hopkinton is Sunday, March 9th.
Meet at St. Ignatius if there is snow on the marathon course on February 23rd.

(Total Runners = 36)
(Participant names will be updated as they become available)

Please email us here if you plan to run!

HHS Runners (29) Guest Runners (7)

Abby Steele (12-18)

Adrian King

Chuck Hagedorn **

Dave Candeias

Debbie Page (18-20)

Doug Cronin

Ernst TerHaar **

Errol Yudelman

Jack Devine **

Jillian DeBusk (18)

Jenny Junkin (18)

Julie Lima **

Kate Maul

Katie Davis **

Kris Boyd (20)

Kristin Odamtten (20)

Larry Keller (22)

Liam Malanaphy

Mike Corbett (16)

Mike Ullman

Nesrin Oztermiyeci (14-16) **

Rich Maltz **

Rob Boyd ( 20)

Rob Feldman (16-22)

Ryan Pace **

Sally Dupere **

Spencer Farrar

Stefanie Cronin

Steve Chilton

Adam Amster (guest of HHS)

Graeme Steele (guest of Abby)

Kyle Pond ** (guest of Sally/Ernst)

Phil Stern ** (guest of Sally)

Tim Maul (guest of Kate)

Tony Downs (16) (guest of Rob F.)

Will Odamtten (guest of Kristen)

** = To be picked up at St. Ignatius Dunkin' Donuts at 7:00 am (10 runners/volunteers)

** = Does not need a ride out to Hopkinton (1 runner)

* = Drop off at Rte. 495 in Hopkinton


General Information
(Volunteer names will be updated as they become available)

1. The run will begin as close to 8:30 am as practical from the Hopkinton start. The reason for a time-of-day start is to put the 4 support vehicles on a schedule, so that all runners are provided fluids support every 2-4 miles.  The Pepin Honda, Flynn Mercedes, Petrolini Lexus, and the Rental Van (driven by Jim Carroll) will be the official support vehicles. Additional rover vehicles will be driven by Tom White and Kevin Shaughnessy.  Besides the four official support vehicles, additional transportation out to Hopkinton will be provided by:

                 a.   Mahoney SUV (4)   Cell:                 

                 b.   Maul VW Van (4)   Cell:                 

                 c.   Hogardt CRV (4)    Cell:                 

2. The run is intended to be 22 miles. If you are not up to 22 miles yet, run 2 miles more than your most recent long run. The “sweep” vehicle will average 13 or more minutes/mile and will pick you up at your stopping point. Let the vehicle drivers know of your plans. The vans will be in phone contact so that we can come and get you. Please try to keep the “sweep” van driver apprised of your condition. Do not put yourself in jeopardy if you are having a bad day

3. The 22 mile run should take you as much running time as your marathon goal time. If you are a first-timer, just run at an easy pace, practicing drinking water and sports drink. This is a good time to try out your intended race day shoes and socks.  Dress for a variety of conditions. The vans give you a place to put an extra layer if it warms up.  Put your name on your clothes; we always wind up with random unexpected donations. If you lose or find something, email the Club website and we’ll post it on the Lost and Found page.

4. Very important:  Please let us know if you plan to be on this run and where you expect to be picked up and dropped off (so that we can account for all participants).

5. Drop-off details: The Pepin Honda will be the lead vehicle and will arrive at the 22 mile mark first. Runners who parked at St. Ignatius Dunkin' Donuts can walk there (0.6 mi) or wait for a ride in the lead vehicle. The “sweep” vehicle will arrive at the 22 mile mark last and will ferry runners to both the St. Ignatius Dunkin' Donuts and later to Lower Falls.  Additional transportation back to Lower Falls will be available via the lead vehicle.  As long as you park at either of these two sites, we will get you back to your vehicle.

6. There will be bagels, bananas, etc. available at the 22-mile mark, and all who wish can rendezvous at the St. Ignatius Dunkin' Donuts.

7. If you are parking at St. Ignatius Dunkin' Donuts, please arrive early as space is limited. The van will pick up and drop off there.  If you are parking at Lower Falls (the municipal parking lot behind the Sunoco station), there should be plenty of space.  Please try to carpool if at all possible.

8. Please be careful. The better side of the road (to run on) varies: left side to Natick Center (10.3), right side (due to the sidewalk) to the Fire Station, and the carriage/frontage road to BC, then the right side again from St. Ignatius to the 22 mile mark. If you are in doubt about how visibly to dress, it couldn’t hurt to borrow a page from Dr. Bob’s “Be Seen and Survive”- a handbook for outfitting otherwise tasteful runners.

9. Runners: put your personal bag in the support vehicle that, based on your average speed, including stops, will likely be behind you the whole way.

10.Guest (i.e., non-member) runners: The fee is $20 per person.  All guests must complete and sign a guest waiver (click here for a copy of that waiver). Checks and signed waivers must be given or mailed to Jim Carroll by Wednesday, February 19.

11.For those who wish, the marathon pace tempo piece is from Mile 12 to Mile 16. You can practice drinking on the run at Mile 14, which is a Support Vehicle stop. There will also be a stationary fluids stop at Lower Falls, behind the stone wall. You will have to walk back 100 meters from the 16 mile mark.

12.Gatorade and water will be coordinated by Dave Candeias.


We Need Support Vehicles, Drivers, and Crew Members.

A driver/crew meeting for all volunteers will be held on
Saturday February 22nd from 5-6 pm
at the Newton Lower Falls Dunkin Donuts
to review the mechanics of the runner/fluids support schedule.

Please email us here if you'd like to volunteer!

Vehicle Schedules

  Lead Vehicle (2) Vehicle #2 (3) Vehicle #3 (3) Sweep Vehicle (13)
Pepin Honda Flynn Mercedes Petrolini Lexus Rental Van
Cell Phone: 857-636-8963


617-710-5814 781-690-8191
Driver: Carol Pepin Rob Flynn John Petrolini Jim Carroll
Crew: Tom Wood Edith Gardner Marshall Randolph Marlene O'Donnell
Pace: 7:00/mi-8:10/mile 8:10/mi-9:33/mile 9:33/mi-11:08/mile 11:08/mi-13:00/mile
  arrive leave arrive leave arrive leave arrive leave
St. I Dunkin' Donuts n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 7:00 7:15
Lower Falls 7:30 7:40 7:30 7:40 7:30 7:40 7:30 7:40
Hopkinton 8:10 8:35 8:10 8:36 8:10 8:42 8:10 8:45
2 no stop 8:41 8:49 8:47 8:53 8:50 8:58
4 8:45 8:58 8:54 9:08 8:58 9:14 9:03 9:24
6 9:03 9:17 9:13 9:27 9:19 9:37 9:29 9:50
8 9:22 9:36 9:32 9:44 9:42 9:57 9:55 10:14
11 9:44 9:54 9:51 10:07 10:04 10:24 10:21 10:53
14 10:02 10:20 10:15 10:40 10:32 11:06 11:01 11:32
18 10:30 10:57 10:50 11:22 11:16 11:50 11:42 12:24
22 11:07 See Note 3 11:32 See Note 3 12:00 See Note 3 12:34 See Note 3

Additional Rover Vehicles (2)

Front Half of Field                 Tom White (3)                  508-508-4881
Back Half of Field                 Kevin Shaughnessy (3)                  617-820-8824


Mile Marker Locations

Important: Set your odometer to zero before starting from Hopkinton.

Mile 2   Ashland: former Marathon Mart on the right.
  Park: on the right (Caution runners crossing the road).
Mile 4   Ashland: Fitzy’s Car Wash ahead on the right, Jehovah's Witnesses Church on left
  Park: in a church driveway on the LEFT before Fitzy’s Car Wash.  Leave enough room for church attendees to drive in/out.
Mile 6   Framingham: Waverly Business Center, large empty parking lot on left.
  Park: on the left.
Mile 8   Natick: Kendall Crossing/Natick Green Condos sign on right.
  Park: on the left in the Mass Diving or Snap-On Tools parking lot.
Mile 11   Natick: Town Line Liquors (Natick/Wellesley town lines).
  Park: on the left (Store is just before a hill in the road).
Mile 14   Wellesley: town tennis courts just beyond Shaw's Supermarket on the right.
  Park: on the right.
Mile 16   Newton Lower Falls on the right just after a Sunoco gas station by the Charles River
  REMIND RUNNERS:  No support vehicles here but fluids are behind the stone wall.
Mile 18   Newton: intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and Exeter Street.
  Park: on the left.  Intersection a half mile beyond the fire station (at fire station, take a RIGHT).
Mile 22   Chestnut Hill: intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and Chestnut Hill Driveway.
  Park: on the right just beyond the cemetery.


Notes: 1. Group photo at 8:15 at the Hopkinton Green Gazebo
2. Lead vehicle will ferry runners to the St. Ignatius Dunkin' Donuts to change & warm-up.
3. Drivers -- please return to Lower Falls with full vehicles.
4. Many thanks to drivers, crew and all volunteers.

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